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       Soak up the road is wet brigade leisure brands include sports casual shoes and bags, such as tide brigade leisure series products, all meet today in aesthetics, suit social friends from all walks of life, is the pursuit of life grade and dress beauty of people's essential gear, one of the classic movement style products, favored by consumers love."Beautiful life" as the core brand philosophy, advocated "natural, comfortable, healthy" commodity aesthetics and dress culture, more environmental protection science and technology and elaborate, soak up the way people wave travel leisure brand since entering the China market for ten years, with respect to the public and consumers, innovation and improve quality standards, won a broad and lasting market.

     Quanzhou mu road sports goods with the greatest enthusiasm, super industry highly focused on sports equipment manufacturers, the company always adhere to: integrity, innovation, quality and services of the enterprise purpose, to high-quality products and quality services to meet customer needs.
      With dolphins as a brand symbol, representing the kind, beautiful, natural vitality of Italian sports brand aesthetics. Feel pure and fresh colour, light comfortable wearing experience, life trend of dynamic model, and affinitive service, wide suitable for the consumption of goods value, show sincerity and respect to the public.
    Company each season will have a classic hot style inheritance, because they experience for a long time has not been eliminated, and really suitable for most people. Soak up the way this season and still have a continuation of the classic hot style, wear out their own wind, let others wonder, classic never stop.