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Men's wear designer director

Job responsibilities:
1, the implementation of the company product development design goal; Responsible for the design of each quarter of company products and the target; Finish the target task;
2, to grasp the popular trend, is responsible for the quarterly dress, style of product development and design, to improve and perfect the work buy edition;
3, is responsible for the choose and buy of the collocation of clothing before shooting and accessories; Responsible for material, material, color and material collocation confirmation;
4, responsible for all process, structure, embroidery, printing, imagery, such as sizing effect of follow up, improve and review;
5, is responsible for the front page of the production process, version type monitoring, improve the effect of the sample qualified rate;
6, is responsible for each model's color template making follow up with confirmation, the implementation of the big goods order information, cargo prenatal version, version to the effect of audit;
7, report the design schedule, every day version of follow up; Report to the superior month, week, day product development report, timely correction from target direction;
8, actively support cooperate with production, qc, directories, planning, etc., improve the product planning, quality control and so on work;
9, ensure company design and program of the production process secret not leak;
10, to the company interests, monitoring good product design cost; The dew;
11, tracking of the target of product design, quantitative, to carry out the design department to complete the design task every day;
12, lead by example, take the lead to comply with follow company rules and regulations and discipline, job responsibilities, establish and perfect the system of product innovation design management; Finish product development task;
13, have good team cooperation spirit and compressive capacity;
14, as a garment enterprises  “The helmsman”To grasp the good of each quarter Popular trend, make goods more in line with the tastes of consumers, thus ensuring the company's operating capacity;
15. Long-term work in quanzhou  The designer is preferred